electrical gremlins

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ok guys



sc430 2003, 120k, recent cambelt etc new tyre wheels brakes blah blah.

love the car, drive quickly, lol

today I drove to work, parked up and then went to move the car, plipped the fob hopped in and realised I could not move the shiftlock, did this and drove car

however no dashboard at all, b=nothing, no shiftlock, no speed sensitive steering lumpy first gear, no radio remote, or auto headlights no climate control, no dash instuments. 



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That's very unusual. Have you had the car very long and has all this work been done to it very recently? To have so many electrical components inoperable sounds like a lack of power / common earth connection failure. 

The main fuse must be okay for it to start so I would start by checking power and main earth connections, main engine bay fuse box. Hopefully it's a loose connection that needs to be re-tightened or a broken earth strap that can be easily replaced. I can't recall anyone needing to replace an ECU. 

Did a  quick search but couldn't find anything similar even in the US. No doubt one of the auto electricians will be along shortly.


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