MM17 2020 v1 Map Update released

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It looks like Lexus have released the 2020 v1 map update this morning.  I've just successfully installed it onto my facelift NX.

This update is for the MM17 entertainment system (the widescreen system on the facelift cars from late 2017 onwards).

The update appears to be covered by the 3 year Map Care system.



The download is available from the Lexus Tech website.  You will need an account to login (free) but you will not need an active subscription.

Click on 'Owner' then 'Map and Software Updates'.  Then select the MM17 system.  

Important installation instructions and details of the changes made to the mapping data are available in the 'More Info' section (two PDF files to download).

The files to download are access by clicking 'Update'.

Note: the download is around 12GB is size so will take some time.  Once downloaded you will need to unzip it.


Handy hint - before beginning the update in your car, it is a good idea to get the Device ID from the system as you will need this later:

Device ID can be obtained by follow the steps below on the navigation device:

-  Push the “MENU” hard key on the remote Touch pad

-  Select “Setup”

-  Select “Online”

-  Select “Lexus Online”

-  Select “Map Update Information”


You will need a blank USB stick of at least 16GB in size.  It must be formatted as FAT32.  Copy the 'FMU' folder from the ZIP file to the root directory of the USB stick.  I found that I had to delete the two small .log and .txt files from the FMU folder otherwise my car didn't detect the update (never had to do this before, so it was a little strange).  You should therefore have a USB stick which only contains 1 folder (FMU) and inside that you should have 4 ISO files (FMU_PONB7E_x).

From start to finish I found the update took around 70 minutes.  You need to keep the car powered up for the full duration so please make sure it is parked in a safe, well ventilated area.

Once all complete the new version should show in the software update section - this update is only for the mapping data.  The Audio and Navigation software are installed separately.  See my other post.



As always, if in doubt please don't attempt the update.



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Hi Phil

Hope all is well with you during this difficult time. First occasion I have been on the site for months.I had just picked up the map update 2020 Spring was released May 20th( 2019v3) and then saw you had already downloaded

I am not as adventurous as you so I will wait until I can get Lexus onto installing this free map update.

Take care and good to catch up with you again

Tony Withnall

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