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at last I've had my car released from the docks and I have just taken delivery of it today.had a catloc fitted as well.

my question is to people who have fitted a tracker to any hybrid lexus. I know the different thoughts about having a tracker fitted as regards to if you would want the car back if it had been pinched.

specifically in the handbook it talks about be aware of fitting any RF transmitter ( presumably walkie talkie type radios ).i understand about signals may effect any of the electronic parts but would a tracker be in this class ?

we are talking about a fitted tracker with remote DDR  fobs.bearing in mind my car has smart entry surely that sends out a signal as must be down to the signal frequency but does anybody know specifically about the question about a tracker ?


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As you mentioned your CT has smart entry, I would think it is a model that also has GPS, you could use this to track the car without the need to fit another tracker. 


If you can't contact your locar Lexus dealer about this, or you got the car from somewhere else you could check these alternative solutions:

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yes i did get it from a main dealer but they are shut now til tuesday i thought i would ask on here instead of waiting.

as for GPS well yes it's got sat nav on so i would say it has.reading the link you posted it seems you have to have internet access on your phone which mine hasn't and also it says about heavy Battery use.thanks but i don't think it would be right for me.

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