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Just so you all know...

Got a new set of tyres (235/55 18) for my Mk2 RX300 SE-L this week.

Managed to get all 4 fitted for around £550 from Bracknell tyres.

Word of warning though, some of the outfits I tried to get quotes from tried to tell me I was telling them the wrong size as no-one makes them.

Someone does and that someone is Bridgestone. It seems that only Bridgestone make the size needed, so if you thought of changing you might have to start making your own.

Still i don't think £550 for all 4 is too bad a price.


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I was wondering how many miles you had got out of the originals?

I have had to replace the two fronts on my Mk1 due to a puncture and poor tracking but the back ones are only down to 3mm after 39k miles.

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Managed to get 32k from them.

The front were down to less than 3mm and I think the rears were around 2.5mm. The front edges had worn though.

Though about getting them swapped around to get a few more thousand miles out of them, but it seemed easier to get a new set, especially at this time of year.

Plus I go away to the States tomorrow leaving the car with my better half, so it is less for her to worry about.

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