Michelin 'Back on The Road' Promotion

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Just a 'Heads Up' that this promotion starts on Monday at participating dealers.Well worth investigating if you need tyres in the next 2 months.

My local tyre dealer Chris Mullins in Gloucester is doing the promotion, as are Protyre

(Un) Fortunately my wife's Fiat 500 was MOT'd yesterday and has advisories on tyre wear for the fronts. She only does 3-5,00 miles a year  trubndling the grandkids around and I was going to put a set of medium priced all weather tyres on it (Nexen , Yokahoma or Pirelli), but Chris is doing the Michelins  for £90 each (cheaper than Black Circle) and with the £25 cashback  I am more than happy to pay the extra for the known quality of Cross Climates (had them on my last RX gen 3 and they were fabulous.


  • The Promotion will issue a prepaid Mastercard or a direct bank transfer to the value of:
  1. £10 for two or £25 for four 14” and 15” MICHELIN car, van or 4x4 tyres purchased,
  2. £15 for two or £40 for four 16” MICHELIN car, van or 4x4 tyres purchased,
  3. £20 for two or £50 for four 17” and 18” MICHELIN car, van or 4x4 tyres purchased
  4.  £40 for two or £100 for four 19” 

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