Is it worth getting my SC430 Serviced at Lexus?

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Hi Folks,

Recently joined the forum, and was interested in members views on getting my SC430 serviced at the Lexus dealership. Picked up a mint condition low mileage car from an independent Lexus specialist last May. The car needed to go in to the dealership under a second recall for the airbag and they gave it a detailed health check whilst there and highlighted a few minor issues to keep an eye on but said totally consistent with the age of the car and gave no pressure to do any work. Plus service manager seemed genuinely interested in the vehicle. They recently sent a message offering a promotional price (not stated) for doing an MOT and service. Not sure if using them is being indulgent as the dealer I bought from said that the car could be serviced by any competent workshop or Toyota/Lexus independent. Interested in other owners thoughts.



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I think I would find out what the " promotional " price might be and then compare like with like at another indy garage.

Many owners with your age car would have many years ago stopped using the Main Dealer to save on costs

However, last year on my / a similar Honda legend airbag recall by the main dealer they " health checked " and said the front discs and pads needed a change ( and this was correct too as it was on my list for my indy to sort out shortly ) AND quoted a promotional price that was too good to miss

My indy told me to get the main dealer to do the work as he just couldn't get the parts at the price the main dealer was offering at ...... indy of course still does everything on my Honda Legend too along with my Ls400

Just compare like with like on that " promotional price " methinks


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