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Alloy Refurb Recommendation


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I’m about to sell my Lexus IS 200 sport (want to get a new IS300 sport cross). I am a firm believer in not selling any car not in A1 condition. Can anyone suggest a good place to go to get the wheels refurbished? I live in south Manchester/Cheshire. Also want to get the stone chips sorted any recommendations? (why can’t they Grit @ 2am)

Cheers all

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know ya request bn on here 4some time and u may have already have sold ya car or sorted the problem but thought id pass on this info 2ya

Regarding the refurbishment of ya alloys, what i suggest is popping down ya local lexus dealers firstly and ask them 2 quote ya a price, had all 4 of mine done for £120 and they all look brand new!

Otherwise its a case of popping down ya local sprayers and asking them if they know of any place who do alloy refurbishment or alternatively look in ya local yellow pages under 'wheel repair & refurbishment'

as for stone chips, again i would recommend going back 2 the dealership, a bonnet respray costs anything between £100 - £150 depending on the dealership

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