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I have a 2013 GS 250 and I am having an issue with my air con - even at lowest temperature setting the driver's side is blowing warm air only and the passenger side seems to be working normally. Doing some research and it became pretty clear that it could be the air mix vent servo failure on the driver's side which I thought should not be that big a deal as it should be accessible through under the steering rack. I got into contact with a local Toyota/Lexus specialist over the phone who are saying however that since the issue doesn't disappear when I turn of dual mode it is likely an electrical fault that would require disassembly of the the entire dashboard. This is not consistent with what I have been reading online and logically I would have though that even in single zone mode the air flow would have to go through the non-functioning part therefore the issue would persist. However I am not a mechanic by a long shot so would be very grateful if anybody here on the forum is familiar with this and could shed some light onto it.

Thanks very much


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