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Fuel Teather Hook

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Just took delivery of my '04' IS300 Sat nav, and noticed that the Black Plastic Teather Hook is no longer fitted behind the fuel flap ! :blink:

What you get in its place is a metal bracket that the filler 'cap' sits in, rather than the little hook that the strap rested over. :huh:

By the way, is it me just being slow, but the 'Shiney' reflective silver surface of the insides of both front and rear light clusters have been changed to a 'smoked' Platinum colour. :whistling:

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ummmm, confused then, cos I aint got anything but the hook. Was it in the first "update" when they did the elect. passenger seats, or the second when they put on chrome speakers grills and matt black dash surround and 3 line mesh front grill??

Nope, can't say I have noticed the lights, mine are the silver inserts, which I think you still get on the Plat Ice anyway. At least when they went smoked you did!! Will keep an eye out for them.

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Yep !

I parked my '04' IS300 PLAT.ICE alongside a '53' IS200 Sport and the rear light inserts on my car are a smoked/platinum finish unlike the shiney reflective silver finish on the '53'.

The fronts are smoked too, but that might be because mine has HID headlights, maybe the backs are to match the fronts???? :yawn: ;) ;)

The face (lights) on mine compared to the '53' is much darker (Fogs too)

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I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe the smoked reflectors are only on later cars with dark paint (blue, black etc). Later models with light colours (white, plat ice etc) are still silver.

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Yep, I'm way behind the times as usual (also didn't read that you have a plat ice :duh: )

Minor changes for 2004 model IS Range

The IS range has undergone some minor improvements for 2004; on sale from late October, the revised car now includes high gloss aluminium trim surrounds for the electric window switches and heating controls and a new oddments tray with lid for the centre console. For the exterior, the front and rear light extensions now incorporate a smoke-effect finish.

(From bottom of this page). Looks like they all have them now.

Am I right saying there was a transition period where some did & some didn't? Anyone?

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