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Gs430 New Owner - Wow, What A Machine !

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It's good to be back. Dj Mike 'ere.

Well, I've taken the plunge..... I had a MK1 sport which I've been running around in for the last couple months, but just couldn't resist. I've bought a 2001 - GS430.

All I can say is......... :D What a Beast!!! :D

This is definately a wolf in sheeps clothing. Talk about rapid !

Anyway, good to be back.... Just a couple of questions.....

Does anyone know what the warranty is on a 2001 GS430? The reason I ask, is that the wing mirrors are starting to dis-colour (like a purple blob!) on the inside.

I seem to recall having a problem with this on a GS300 Mk2 sport....

Will Lexus change them under Warranty (presuming there is still one left?)

The car is 2001-Y with 83k on the clock.

Pic's to follow.

It's GGGGGGGgggggggrreat! to be back.



P.S Not sure what other 430 owners are getting fuel economy wise, but I drove at an average of 85-90 back from London yesterday. It did 26.9 to the Gallon and did 370 miles on a full tank (cost £42). :winky:

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Congrats on the new car. Another GS430 owner :)

As for the warranty your car is out as it's done over 60,000 miles unless it has an extented warranty on it?

On a run I get around 28 mpg.

Have a look in the Knowledgebase about cleaning the MAF sensor. I got an extra 2mpg once I cleaned mine.

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