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My Best Quote For Is200 Bodykit

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My best quote for a Bodykit for my IS200 is £1358.58

this breaks down as

Painted Corner Spats (Code GBNGA-P0064-GF) = £252.72

Side Skirt (Code 08150-53810) = £248.87

Rear Spoiler (Code PZ439-C1460-00) = £204.27

Rear Spoiler (Code PZ402 - C1450-AB) = £252.72

Plus £400 paint and fitting.

Has anyone any idea of where I could source these parts cheaper without buying from abroad also I only want to use genuine Lexus parts.

So far I have contacted 4 main Lexus Dealers and 2 approved Lexus Body shops.

Kind Regards

lee :driving:

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You only get 10% off parts through Lexus if your a gold member,so you wont save yourself that much :excl:

ONLY??? 10% off £1000 worth of parts is a £100! plus the discount on labour at some dealerships, and of course servicing.... and all the other discounts GOLD offer...... :rolleyes:

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And you get to support the Club.. Y'know, put something back in towards the running costs etc etc?!!!

I've got an IS200 as a Lease car at the mo', so technically wasn't worth me joining Gold. But I did and I've saved money on all sorts, incl. a holiday.

Getting my GS300 soon and 10% is still better than a kick in the knackers. Er, not that I have knackers of course!

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O.K it wasn't meant to come across that way,of course being a Gold member is worthwhile,but were talking bodykits here,the savings at the mo buying across the pond are huge and you can easily save more than the £130 at Lexus prices.

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I got mine from lexus carlisle for £675.this included rear TRD valance TRD sideskirts TTE full front bumper inc. sports grille (incorperated in the bumper) and front emblem and mesh.absolute bargain.Then i paid £200 for painting and fitted it myself.

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aren't there problems fitting bodykits from the US?

the US kits are for the IS300 which are a slightly different size?

not arguing too much with you Pete - the exchange rate at the moment is great for us.

:P my Body kit is for a IS300 but looks a lot better on my IS200 :D :winky: :whistling:

and only cost me £350 with shipping :hehe:

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