Road noise after tyre rotation

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Good evening all. 

Just taken my CT200h in for its annual service at local main dealership (who are excellent, BTW) and asked to have the tyres rotated to even-up wear a bit. The  ones wearing most were moved from the front to the rear.

Since then the road noise is more noticeable (almost like a wheel bearing issue and/or not properly balanced, like a thud, thud, thud sound ); gets louder the faster the car goes and extra noticeable in EV mode with windows down.

I've allowed the tyres to cool and all were a little over inflated so have adjusted that accordingly to see if it affected the noise, but it's no quieter. 

All 4 are Yokohamas but there are two models of tyre (same model pair on each axle).  Not sure whether to leave as is and just get used to the new sound or go back to the dealership and have them returned to how they were. 

Is this common to hear this? Any views would be much appreciated to save my sanity.  Thanks alot! 



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