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Suspension Choice RC F Only

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Apologies upfront if you have read or participated in a similar discussion in the past, I have used the search function and read as much as possible but can't find the answers!

Trying to workout my desired suspension setup for my 2015 RC F.... The background is I daily my car and are active in the car scene attending 6-8 events annualy ranging of spirited drive days, drags, roll racing & track days. By no means do I want to set out to have the fastest lap times, just out to have some fun, nothing competitive. I do enjoy driving the car at the limit!

Only had the "F" for 6 months still getting familiar with the car, so I do have a wealth of knowledge of how it handles in OE form at the limit. The forums and majority of the vendors continually push the main coilovers (RS-R, BC Racing, Tein including the higher end option of Penske, KW & Ohlins) which I think the upper tier is overkill for me!

Across the forums and review all I find is suggestions of get this, get that without a huge amount of context, things I am keen to understanding is:

- How it rides on a daily across city roads & backstreets at cruising speeds and through spirited driving
- If you had to put a % on the feel in performance of the ride after the coilovers vs. OE what would that be and why
- What was it your main use of your car 90% track & 10% street aka weekend warrior and what is your driving style
- How focused are you on performance vs. comfort
- How much of the functionally do you actually use of your coilover setup ie: have you adjust and readjusted your configuration or have you just got them installed and never touched it again?


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Hi and Welcome.

Not so many people have taken the plunge and modified their F’s this side of the pond so you may need to take a look at the US forums.

It’s not so clear to me what you are looking to achieve with any suspension mods, is it just styling or some improvement to handling? If so in which situations are you finding the handling lacking. 



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