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18's What Psi

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Hi all, just wondering those of you who have 18's what psi you have in your tyres.

The reason i ask, is that the middle of mine has gone a lot lot quicker than the outside's but i am only putting 26 psi in them. Its just the backs that have done this.

The tyres have only done 6,000 miles :crybaby: and at £120 each its not very kind to my wallet

Any remarks welcome


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between 32 and 34 is the general recommendation

at 26 they are under inflated and this would normally cause the outside edges to wear

they would normally wear in the middle if they were over inflated

are you using a reliable source to guage the pressure

Doesn't it say on the side of the tyre 

normally quotes the maximum pressure

as pressure would change to what use or car they were on

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I will check the side of the tyre today

I have always known that if you are under inflated the outside's go faster and over inflated the middle :question::question:

I thought it was because the car was lowered because of the camber but that makes the insides go faster.

I do have a lot of I.C.E in the boot which might be part of the problem i don't know :angry::angry:

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Just to let you all know that the reason the middle was going so much faster than the outside was because of my right foot.

The PSI i was tiold should be somewhere between 28 - 30 but the way i drive forces the middle of the tyre out

Thanks for all the replies anyway

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