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Morning Guys,

That's the car just been MOT'd (as of the end of May) and passed the Hybrid Health Check (as of today) with all green lights on their visual inspection.  I have now had the car for 25 months and I have managed to do very slightly over 12K miles since I bought it.  My regular mechanic had been taking care of the car since I have had it and completed the 110K service last August when the car had 108.5K on the clock.  I have now done just shy of 113K miles (Covid-19 obviously reducing my already low mileage) and realise that the next service is the 120K service and is a biggie.

My question is as I only do around 7K a year normally, my next service will not be due until probably June/July next year (although I will most probably get an oil and filter change done next month) and I only intend to keep the car for a further year after that is it worth replacing the spark plugs at the120K service if the car is still going as well as it is now?  This would be a major expense that I would not get back in trade-in value so is it worth the outlay?  I have read on our American equivalent site that some owners have 190K on the clock and have not replaced the Plugs at 120K!!

Just wondered what you guys thought and if any UK owners have higher mileage without replacing the plugs at 120K?

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I don't think that you will have any problems not changing the plugs at exactly 120,000 miles, especially as you are only doing circa 6,000 miles per annum. It might, however, reflect on the price that you get when you trade it in.

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