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Later in the year there going to introduce the Hybrid version version which is claimed to give performance similar to a 5.0 but with the economy and smoothness of a petrol.

My dealer advises that all 3 RX models will be available as Hybrids at an extra cost of £4000. If this is correct, and unless you live in London and can save 800 £5 congestion charges, the money saved on the 50mpg estimated consumpsion figure alone does not make buying this car a worthwhile proposition other than for the performance benefit.

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Calling Ian - Lexus Edinburgh........

Does this £4000 figure carry any form of credibility from what you have heard?

I know that the SE-L Hybrid will not have air suspension as the electric motors will take up too much room so will the SE-L carry the same premium?

Any info will be appreciated - Just seeing how much busking I will have to do before next Jan. :winky:

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I was told that all models will carry the £4000 premium and that the SE-L specification will inlclude air suspension. The £1000 Government Powershift Grant is purely dependant on funds and given the current situation is more than likely to be scrapped. Final UK specification will apparently not be known until October. Everything is really speculative at this time.

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There have been no prices released for the RX300h. Any figures quoted by any dealer is purely speculation.

It is my understaing that the air suspension will not be in the SE-L due to technical problems, could well be the positioning of motors. I am expecting a little more spec - Bluetooth for one.

The performance is in line with a 4.0 engine, hence the 400 in RX400h, not a 5.0 as someone posted here. The fuel economy will not be 50mpg, more likely mid 30's.

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