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Bad Start To The End Of The Week


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Had a minor off on the mountain road of the TT course on the way to work yesterday morning (friday). Tyres gave way and ended up going sideways up the mountain road between Ramsey and Douglas on the Isle of Man. To any who know it's a great way to wake up in the morning - traversing part of the TT course. Giving it a bit of welly was not on the cards as the road was damp but the tyres decided to give way at an inopportune moment and I found myself planted into a rock bank on the wrong side of the road facing toward oncoming traffic of which - fortunately - there was none. I have consulted a work colleagues husband who is a mechanic at a local tyre dealer and he informs me that he can put 4 x Yokohama SVR Sport tyres on my car for £498, fitted and balanced and swears that it will be the last type of tyre I ever buy. Any comments?

Seemed to me if they fit them as standard to the mighty Vanquish then maybe they are good enough!

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Do you mean the AVS Sport? I think they are good, maybe not as good as Bridgestone SO-3. Probably cheaper but have less grip in wet and make more noise.

Have a look here:

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