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Feeling Chuffed


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started my own business last year with only 2 days work a week gauranteed (when I handed in my notice :crying: )

secured contract for the other 3 days just before I started up :whistling:

been fully booked since...........yesterday I was offered a contract for at least a year for a new client :winky: wants me to recover £15 million in overpaid benefit :duh:

good thing is that this client uses the other revenues IT system in local @ the end i will be a techie expert on both :whistling:

was hoping the client would allow me to work for nothing and me get a % of monies recovered :whistling: 10% of £15 million :D :D...............would'nt go for it tho :geek:

sorry to bore you all but had to express my delight publicly

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Well done - nice hearing of someones good fortune - especially if they took a risk in the first place - congratulations :P

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Well done, it's always a gamble being self employed. Presumably you don't sell anything -is it only your time that you can charge out?

I have designed a quality assurance database which I've sold to to london authorities.

Noone else has got anything like it and I'm going to one of the largest software houses on friday to sell it to demo am quite hopeful.

Sell it at 10K a pop (share this with a fellow it chap who did some whizzy VBA work on it) 150 councils in England and what my database does is enable the councils to comply with a statutaory requirement (to check 10% of assessments b4 the letter is sent out)................the majority dont bother !! so a big market.

The software supplier I'm seeing has got 60 sites and is looking for a 500k grant from the govt to do this (using my database) Hoping we get a sensible offer from them.........

Trouble is marketing it................time selling that is not fee fees no mods :whistling:

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