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Could be a buckled rim. I had this on a beemer some years ago now, both nearside rims were bent from hitting potholes and caused wobble/vibration at certain speeds. Had them straightened and it was much better.

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I decided to have the 4 wheel alignment done again by a much better company, one which all the dealers recommend and it was slightly out, but it hasn't made any difference.  So for the sake of £300 including taxes and shipping I've just ordered from Rockauto both lower control arms and both lower ball joints. This is the area that I feel the problem is.  So I'll have two new ball joints and four new bushes.  For what they cost it's worth a try.  That means I'll have replaced the majority of parts bar inner and outer tie rods and upper control arms.  They'll be next if necessary.  I'm determined to get the steering to feel the way it should! 

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