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Just a word of warning.

It seems that every car car be clocked!

I sold my R-reg (face-lift) LS400 a couple of months ago with over 140,000 miles on the clock.

I saw it on autotrader today - advertised as having just 95,000 miles.

I recognized it from the wheels - I sold it with six-narrow-spoke, 16-inch alloys which would be unusual for a car of this size. So I rang the number, asked for the reg and sure enough it was my old car. I even asked about a small tear on the leather and, sure enough, it was in the same place. I asked what exactly was the mileage, so they switched it on and read 95,000 off the clock.

The car is also being touted as a two-owner car. It was a three / four-owner car when I sold it and I reckon it's changed hands once or twice since!

It's just a bit frustrating to see this going on...what, if anything, should I do about this?

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Damm, things like this make me glad i went to a lex dealer and not people of auto trader.

Err.. isnt there someone you can report it too? Police? Dvla?!

E&M are always advertising mileage correction etc :blink:

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