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At last!

I got one! Well I pick it up on monday, can't wait!! It's a very dark shade of green with cream leather. It's got 120k on the clock, but full Lexus/Toyota history so should be ok - well it seemed it anyways. The engines are so smooth aren't they?

The only real downers are two very small dents (will sort them) and the alloys are all corroded. Actually every one i've looked at has had crappy alloys! I take it, it's a common prob? Anyone know anywhere decent in the midlands area to get them done?

Anyway, will let you know what I think when I pick it up!

Oh and a proper Hello to everyone now!

Don't worry, will go GOLD!!

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Have to agree there i have seen a few for sale latley and they have been rough .problem is they are getting on a bit and falling into the hands of people who can afford to buy them but find the upkeep to much as they can be exspensive if they go wrong .found that out today when i got a quote for a new back box from lexus £200.

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you might want to contact norkep.. i would offer to seel you my old mk1 alloys as i have mk2.. but i have only refurbished one of them so far..

paul (nokep) has a refurbed set that he will sell you and its prob cheaper than getting yours redone..

ps if its a very dark green like mine its called sherwood green in this country

and Royal jade pearl in the states.. colour code 6M2 if you need it..



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Thanks guys!!

Well if nokep is reading this, then i'm interested in those wheels!!

Forgot to ask about the cam belt change when I picked it up. Best check that one out real soon!

Anyone take their car to Toyota to have them done? Does it work out cheaper? I certainly won't be having it done at lexus. The last bill on the car was £998! They charge 170 quid for front disks! And 80 sommat for pads! Sod that!!!

Are parts easy to come by from other parts specialists? I'm not gonna buy them from Lexus due to the price. Gotta keep it well serviced but on a budget.

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i tried the let toyota do it ploy as my dealer is both ,but they wont have it said it was a lexus and have to charge lexus rate .thing is when they started selling lexus in this country they were sold through toyota dealers .

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