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Rx300 - Newb Q's

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A few questions that I couldn't answer from the FAQs.

I've taken the plunge and will pick up an RX300 SE in Brechin Slate/Oakham next Saturday. Getting the supaguard inside and out to protect paint/leather. Any views on this combo?

The SE-L was just out of reach. I decided not to go for Sat Nav/reverse camera at the time but now having second thoughts. Does the unit have to be factory fitted? I've seen an old unit on ebay which makes me optimistically think that the dealership can slot one in even at this late stage...Even though it may cost me circa £2500 ish.

Additionally, does anyone have a rough price on the ruberided boot liner. Any other favourite must have's that you guyd might recomend?

btw. Very helpful site. Very useful tips.



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Hi Jay,

I have also just picked up a Brechin Slate/Oakham RX300 although i managed to get the SEL.

I only had the exterior supaguarded as the interior apparently becomes a dust magnet if treated.............

I also had the protective film fitted to the rear bumper for £69.

Retro fits are v expensive - I wanted a wood pack and they wanted £186 for a wood gear knob and around £2000 the change the steering wheel! In the end after talking to Lexus UK I got the wooden gear knob for £65.

Oakham mats are hard to keep clean and u should either but a plastic covering for the winter months or spare mats.

Boot liner is around £84.

The reversing camera is standard on the SE model! What you miss is the air suspension, fantastic levinson sound system and adaptive front lighting

Additional Features on RX300 SE

18 inch alloy wheels with locking wheel nuts

Leather upholstery

Power operated tailgate

Electrchromic rear view mirrors (automatic anti-glare)

Heated front seats

Electric one-touch tilt and slide sunroof with anti-jam protection

40/20/40 foldable rear seat

Rain sensitive windscreen wipers

Memory package for steering wheel, mirror and drivers seat

Optional DVD-based touch-screen Lexus Navigator system with rear view camera

Happy driving mate and welcome to the club!

:D :D :D

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RX Range

DVD player, headrest monitors/wireless h/phones £2350

Security supaglass £850

Reversing sensors 4 sensor type £450

Lexus hands free phone kit £675

Supaguard (interior/exterior protection) £395

ISO fix child seat £230

Cool box £225

Cross bars £135

Under engine cover Silver £128

Tailored carpet mats (Blk/crm/grey) £115

Boot liner £98

Bumper protection film £69

Cargo nets – vertical £58

Cargo nets – horizontal £45

Prices supplied by Lexus Twickenham,includes fitting and VAT.

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Jay- if you can, get the SAT Nav with parking camera. When i had my RX se it was my biggest regret leaving it out and due to the configuration of the center console it is not really the sort of thing that can be retro fit.

I've driven the se-l and hve to say that the tv screen makes a big diffence in tight spaces!!!

Cheers, Nick

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Thanks all for the guidance and separate emails. You're to go for the sat nav/reverse parking...

I had a good chat with the v helpful Matt at Lexus Hadleigh who had the good grace to let me talk myself into ordering the SEL....and even at this late stage it will be ready on Saturday.

I'm beginning to see the Lexus difference in terms of service ..... nothing's too much trouble.

Thanks for the best wishes everyone.



BTW: they threw the boot liner in for free with car mats and a nice discount on list price. Very nice people.

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Nice discount?

I tried to buy an RX300 SE-L in CASH last year from Hadleigh and got offered exactly NOTHING off!!!

I've bought 3 IS200's from them and have always found them a pleasure to deal with (and always willing to do a deal) However, I was told that due to 'demand' for the RX300 that I wouldn't be getting *anything* off list price.

Has the RX become less sought after lately then?

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Congrats of a 1st class choice. I always think you are better to go for the best option - you are right - you'll just regret it later.

Welcome to the club and enjoy Saturday, oh and post some picks once you have a chance.

How long does the week feel already - and it's only Tuesday!!!!!!!

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