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Is anyone aware of a legitimate way to obtain an IS350 in the UK?

After looking at the Lexus range and deciding some time back this was the car for me, I found out it was never available (through Lexus) in the UK, but was sold into various overseas markets.

Such a shame as it would be a class beater - that performance in a small rear wheel drive package.

If there was a reputable source for these cars (RHD) I would be very interested to pick one up.

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First thought was Japan possibly.  

I'm not familiar with the model but if you find one (or the equivalent Toyota model) you could import it in. 

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Here's a couple to whet the appetite. Grade 4.5 too:

Australia could be another source as they were sold new there. Although like-for-like they could be pricier than ones from Japan (but at least the controls would be in English).


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Thanks Ganesh and Jay, I''ll check into those Japan links Ganesh.  I did look at a company a year or two back but their volume was very low (almost importing to your individual order) and I wasnt sure how safe of legal it was, or if I would be stuck with a car that doesnt meet UK regulations etc.

Still I will look with interest at those links, thank you.


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