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Gs300 (mk1) Sub Woofer And Speakers

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Would i be ok to change the speakers and sub woofer to a different make on the GS (1)

I take it this is not an active system?

Anyone changed the sub before and was the quality better?

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they are not the std omh and if you change them it has to be the same as the others or you have to change all of them as they all need to bee the same ohm why do you want to change them as std they are far better than most cars..

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Iwant to get some MB Quart speakers throughout...

I loved the sound of MB Quart i had in my windom which I still get to hear now and again when my mate comes round... sounds really nice.

The sub is not that good in the GS either... I dont want a super system but better sounding.... i never have it very loud but quality is the main thng i am after.

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In my last car i changed the ICE setup throughout by saving every week due to giving up smoking I saved the money i would usually spend on woodbines

After 12 months I had enough money for a complete overhaul

rewire whole car

Complete Speaker replacement with MB Quart

Kenwood 12" sub in the back

5 Channel Alpine Amp (nice peice of kit)

Alpine Head Unit

The sound was soo awesome... not the loudest as i went for quality over loudness

But it really was the business... but I put it down the the quality of speakers!!!

Oh.. that reminds me.. what size are the speakers in the GS 1?

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my local ice fitters who are supposed to be very good (ian bannings) said that in as long as he has been doing it nobody has come in with a lexus due to the fact that the std system is good and no need to swap although he did say he could do it if i wanted.

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the ones in the gs are a certain size and fit in a prted box within the door .. not sure that you can just swap them over that easy..

yes you can - just nee to make MDF mounts for them - you can get 6 inch speakers in the doors no problems - front and rear

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Hi, just to revive another thread, you say the stock speakers are 2 ohm? That doesn't ring true with mine, its a 1997 P reg GS300 Sport with Pioneer speakers with 4 ohms clearly stated on the back, would it be ok to swap these for after market speakers as i have to replace one and i dread asking lexus for a price on one.

Just so you know this is the complete marking on the back of the speaker: -


4OHM JAPAN 3 9639

Could the guys who have theirs out of their cars check the numbers on the back of their speakers, I'm curious to know if lexus swapped the OHM rating of the speakers in the car between model years

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Ok, heres the deal... I've noticed one of my speakers has stopped functioning, i've taken it out, breaking the stupid door handle surround taking the door card off, too much brute force. Anyway, the wires on the front of the speaker have turned green and resemble dust, in fact they crumbled away on contact. Now i've removed it, it says pioneer on it, and from what i've read its a stock speaker, has a 4 ohm rating, and has the codes 12-288TAP and 3 9639 on the back, it even has a strip of foam tape on the bottom to stop it vibrating against the internals of the ported enclosure. I've also come to the conclusion its a 10cm speaker, roughly 4 inches.

Now then, I've tried the local halfrauds (Halfords to most people) and all the speakers they have in stock (limited at this branch) all don't cover the gaps on the ported box properly, they have ears/tabs to mount the screws through, but are round going round the speaker cone(hope that made sense) whereas the oem ones have an almost square back plate with screw holes in. So my question is, does anyone know how much lexus are gonna charge me for a door handle plastic surround, and how much for a speaker.

Or have any of you swapped the standard speakers with aftermarket ones, and which ones did you use, manufacturer and model code would be much appreciated

Sorry for the long winded reply



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Just been to lexus, asked for some prices on things, aka the replacement speaker, they want £137.77 +VAT each, yet the wing mirror casing, mirror glass and motor as one unit is £187.00+VAT slightly overpriced speaker... :crybaby:

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