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Eliminating Those Dreaded Errors


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For the last year we have had those horrid post errors

I imagine all of you have been getting them. This was due to AOL spitting errors back out our SMTP which causes errors.

It was based on that some members were subscribed to the forums... some were subscribed to threads and some were subscribed to actual forums where everytime a new post was placed in say the GS forums they would receive an email notification.

Now if a certain member was with the UK AOL (or AO Hell) this would cause errors for everyone. I myself got an error everytime I placed a post in the IS and GS forums.

So.. to eliminate this I am having to Un-Subscribe mail notifications to stop these errors until AOHell get their act together.

The main reason for this post was to ask all members to notify me of any strange errors over the next 2 days as I basically had to emtpy certain tables to stop the errors.

But I am not sure if any of these tables are shared.. so anything strange might happen.. but doubtfull.

Some of you might have problems with errors on the PM system.. well this works in exactly the same way.. the person you are PM'ing is getting an Email notification but the SMTP receives errors.


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