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I have sent 2 emails to manufactures of silicone hose/pipe one website actuallly advertise that they do automotive tubing.. i have asked for some more details from them with any luck one will come back o.k both are in the u.k and one of the has no min

order value but they do charge £10 delivery and some of the prices that i have seen are very cheap as you would expect comming direct from a manufacturer rather than third or forth hand..

will keep you updated as to what is happening..


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i think most of `samco` hoses are suitable for fuel and oil

includes the power steering ones

they have a huge range

but there not cheap !

so could allways use them to do individual ones after you done all the others

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o.k so check the 76mm from need for speed

4ply £52.34 per m and the one i found 5 ply 76mm £28.94 per m

6.5mm need for speed £9.53 and the one i found £7.46

and the ones i found i have gone on the worst prices...

so i think its quite good.. but as you say samco for oil and fuel..

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