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Sat Nav Update

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Just acquired my (first) used RX.

Wonderful. Sleek. Sexy even?? Won't keep on.

Slight (& expensive) problem. Sat Nav DVD is out of date. Will not pay £375 for new disc on principal.

Any ideas? Any secondhand available?

Any suggestions greatfully appreciated.


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RX is 2000 (X plate).

Ebay item is CD not DVD, but thanks anyway.

How on earth do the top manufacturers (lexus, Volvo BM etc) justify the extortionate prices? do they not realise some of us are now skint having bought the vehicle!!!!

Any further info appreciated.

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I'm still running on the CD with my W Reg!

Do you really need the absolute latest? You'll be spending a lot of money constantly updating if you do!

Have you got that wonderful reversing camera and can you look rearward whilst driving along?

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I'm with you Emma. I too have an Xreg RX (just 3 years old last month) and would like to update the DVD but not at that price.

Apparantly its illegal to get someone with the latest DVD and copy it. I dont know if it would work either (I dont have access to DVD players/recorders anyway).

I would be interested to know if you find a solution or cheaper source.

Mind you to date I havent needed an updated DVD. Its only new housing and trading estates and the Motorway south of Manchester to the airport that have really caused me any hassle and then it was minimal. It just seems strange to drive through green fields with the system constantly trying to re-route you!

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