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Interior Problem

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I have recently bought a RX 330 Model and we are experiencing a lot of cabin pressure similar to being inside a commercial airliner. We have brought it to the dealer and they can not find anything wrong with it. Has anyone who has a RX 330 of RX 300 ever encountered this problem. My wife and I love the car but when we drive 30 minutes or more it can become unbearable to drive.

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It's probably because of how well sealed Japanese cars tend to be that's causing you this discomfort.

Its a bit like the way your ears pop sometimes when someone shuts a door because of the change in pressure - you don't tend to get this in cars that are not well sealed.

If it's causing you discomfort, try opening the window and see if the discomfort eases, if it does then it's because you can't stand the pressure of being inside something that is as 'air-tight'.

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you will always have a vent somewhere in the car - normally aound the boot area behind the trim, which allows a flow of air out, maybe this has been incorrectly fitted? but in any case this pressure build up should not be happening, go to a different dealer and see what they say.

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