Polishing is200 paintwork

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Hi All

so I have purchased a 2003 Black se and am about to attempt cleaning up the marks, scratches and general fullness of the bodywork. Generally the car is very good for its age but I would like to preserve it and perhaps uplift it a bit. What I would like to learn from you before I make purchases.... best products for an ageing fella who would just like a shiny Lexus 

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Tony I used Meguiars Car Body Scratch Remover Ultimate Cutting Compound last weekend on my black GS, very happy with the results. Apparently it is one of the best polishes just now.

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Thank you ‘ Vlady ‘ 

I have been doing some research and tried to find independent and unbiased advice on polish or wax, as most reports I read are affiliated and therefore simply recommending whoever pays them. 
Having said that it Does seem as you mentioned Meguairs, that lots of top-10 lists feature this product and as luck would have it amazon have it on offer ! So I will try it and report back later.

My experience on researching products is that eventually the more you read the more confusing it becomes and in the end it just becomes all about opinions, so my thought process was to seek advice from someone who has used a product on a black Lexus.... I also have to understand this is a 2003 motor and as such my expectations must be realistic.

One other question?                  Has anyone had experience Of a water leak coming into the side-well in the boot ?

I cannot see where the weather gets in !   It is specifically the R/h side of the boot, I have removed the rubber seal temporarily but curious if anyone else has experience of this with their Is200 ? 

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