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Battery Drain


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Tried to unlock my IS200 ('Y' plate) this morning and nothing. Thought the Battery in the key may be dead, so got the spare and still nothing.

Advised by Lexus that it could be that the key needed reprogramming and to get car to them and they would reprogram.

Opened the door (manually) and ... no alarm??? Tried to start the car ... dead. Battery flat as a pancake. Anyway when I opened the bonnet I could here a clicking coming from the Relay box, like the car was trying to do something?? It must have been trying to do all night long as it has drained the Battery.

I have taken the Battery out and it is charging as we speak. Biggest worry is what could be draining it? Lights, stereo,etc all switch off with the ignition. Only thing I can think off is the central locking or alarm. Any ideas? If the problem is still there, I will wake up to another dead car. I would much rather sort out the problem.

Thought it may have been the alarm going off all night long - it was parked out of earshot and people in houses around wher it was parked were staring at me this morning. :unsure:

What is more concerning is that the 3yr warranty ran out last week along with the breakdown cover - isn't that strange (or is it?). I was not prepared to extend warranty at £475 per annum (£875 for 2 yrs), so I suppose this is my payback.

Is this a standard fee or are my dealership being greedy?


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Thanks for the responses gents. No fears of anything more than a faulty Battery then? I will let you know what happens after replacing the Battery.

As for the warranty, I spotted on the forums that someone else was being quoted £53o so I am not entirely sure about the fixed price?

Aside from the cost, is it worth it? I understand that a Nav system is over a grand, but I don't have one. Stereo warranty by what I have observed is now 5 yrs and I have just had my alloys replaced.

What can i expect to go wrong that would justify paying nearly £500/£1000 up front? Based on the build quality, reliability and customer satisfaction surveys, I would have expected a much lower price.

Sounds like I may have something to worry about ...

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You may be able to get a discount on the warranty but there is a standard price for it set by Lexus. The same as the pre-paid servicing.

As with any warranty it's a bit of a gamble to take it out or not. Personally I don't on either of my Lexus but that is a personally choice. Even if a part is not expensive, with dealer labour rates around £100 per hour it doesn't take much to receive a £500 bill.

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Common problems with the IS 200 is CD player which has the warranty extended, ball joints which I believe most ppl have had theirs replaced and the water pump. If these three main items have been replaced on your lovely IS then it boils down to choice. I think most ppl use Warranty direct for their extended warranty. Half the price of Lexus and similar service....

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I have the same problem with my battery draining after 24 hours. have checked lights, stereo etc and all seems fine. I also get the clicking noise from the relays.I replaced my battery but still the same problem. Once you charged your battery did you solve this?

possible corrosion/water damage in the fuse boxes.

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