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Changing Utility Companies


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Hi all,

Right I'm with British Gas for gas and Npower for electricity.

Looking on a couple of sites like Uswitch and by switching to Powergen Energy Online Dual Fuel I can save approximately £77 (includes online/direct debit discounts etc). Also get 500 Tesco clubcard points.

Are there any other comparison sites you know of that give you a little extra. I heard there are sites that will give you cash back for changing through their site.

So any suggestions or advice please reply.

Thanks. :)

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Can't remember the sites but you should be able to save more than that. I have worked for some utility companies ..... but not selling their supplies :)

Important thing is to move away from BG for Gas and move away from your home supplier for electric ........ guess your's for electric would be npower where you live.

If you look on any of the search engines + home pages like Freeserve you will find some companies / search engines. Also Lloyds TSB can switch your gas, electric and phone .....

That should keep you busy @ work :)

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Different slant on things...

I use BG for Gas and Electric.

For work each month I put £000's across a Goldfish credit card and pay balance in full each month, which accumulates thousands of Goldfish points. With BG you can use Goldfish points to pay part of or in full both Gas and Electric each quarter. If using the Goldfish card to pay with even the payment accumulates Goldfish points. Save lots on fuel!!! The best bit is that all of the companies who used to call touting for my fuel business have given up because they can't beat it!!

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