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if u do get a SC keep in mind that TTE strongly recommend that you DO NOT increase the boost to obtain more power - you can blow the engine.

But that has not stopped tdi marketing an upgrade kit, or an as yet unknown amount of people buying it ( long term results yet to be seen BTW)

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also if u get one i suggest getting the precats removed beforehand , they have been known to break down ( on normal cars also).

and if you can use a basic tool kit then its easy to fit the supercharger kit yourself, - ( its a bolt on kit) took me about 8hrs to do in my parking space- other members have fitted thiers also in the same amount of time, you get full fitting instructionswith the kit and it is not difficult to fit, and if anyone says it is, they are lying to u!!!!!!

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it has no known problems,

Not strictly true...

You WILL wanna get the pre-cats removed...

Keep an eye on compressor cradle - tendency for one of the (minor) mounts to shear.

even lexus gb looked into using them,

And are doing so again :whistling:

they have a superb back up service

That is absolutely true... Extremely helpful.

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i was thinking of fitting it myself i have looked at a few and it does look pretty straightforwrd.

have to dust me toolkit off

might have to get a mate to pull the cradle slightly into place to get all the bolts to fit, but thats about it really oh and an extra pair of hands when taking the front bumper off will be good, but not required.

any other Q's then just pm me and ill answer all. B)

cheers rob.

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