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Hi guys,

                 just noticed a broken piece of plastic on the car side of the boot latch .

It has broken to the left hand side and reveals a light spring and a stainless rod about 3mm in diameter ?

Only had a quick look  but it seems accessible by means of three screws in the boot ??

Is this a common thing and can I buy the parts ??

Any help, pictures etc muchly appreciated as usual .

                                                                                                       Cheers ! 


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The one on ebay is £30 inc post and looks a bit tatty , also it is in Lithuania.

It isn't just a clip-on cover, it is attached to this steel rod with the spring on it.



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If it's the plastic bit that's on a hinge by the latch, I think that might be part of the trim piece. It is on mine anyway (2006 RX). Mine is also broken but the part is £80+postage from Lexus so I'm not going to bother replacing it.

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There is a guy from Australia on here STINGRAY_01 who makes them with a 3d printer as his broke,send him a pm and he might be able to help 😉 

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