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Most Money You've Ever Paid For


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the most i've ever paid for the litre 83.9 (optimax) put only put a tenner in.

Other times i just fill up £45. Because when I first got her, i never managed to get £50 in there.

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I got 68 litres into the 60 litre tank of the IS a few weeks ago.......

I'm sure Weights and Measures would be interested.

Needless to say I won't be using that filling station again !!!


:lol: like matt said its a 70L tank.

anys you got in good over there 50p ish a litre.

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Yeah, about £55 for an Optimax fill.

Put about the same in of BP Super Duper Really Whizzy once and it was useless with a capital Use. Might as well have stuck with Tescos.

The most I ever put in my car was £110 of LRP *ouch bigtime* but that wasn't the Lex.

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And there was me thinking I'd been had by the service station.

I'll have to go back there now for my next fill to ease my conscience in thinking bad of them !!!!

Thanks for clearing that up for me .... don't know why I always thought it had a 60 litre tank.

It's currently about 88c a litre here (approx 60p) but we don't have any selection of fuels. Just normal 96Unleaded. Used to have a 98 sold in a few places, but almost completely gone now.


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