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Hi Chaps,

                  I bought an oil filter removal tool from ebay a while back.

Came to do a filter and oil change but this tool isn't quite what I thought .

It's an ally casting with three grooves either side .

I thought these cut-aways would fit over the two wings on the filter housing , but it seems not .

The tool did actually remove the filter just on the flats of the housing bit its a very sloppy fit .

So have I bout the wrong tool ? Is there a tool that locates on the flats and fits over the wings >>?? 

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Three cut outs on one side engage with three lugs on the filter housing and one (the central one on the opposite side) with the one lug on the opposite side. And of course the flats engage with the flats on the filter housing. Not sure how that all wouldn't work for you.

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Hi I think you have bought the Wong one, this is the one for Prius and ct200 I think .The correct good quality item is either        SEALEY VS7112 or LASER4880. try 0pie oils for the laser where I got mine when I got my filter or amazon for the sealey


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Blimey. In all the 25 none Lexus cars ive owned and done oil changes on ive never come across such an over engineered oil filter housing. Why oh why go to such lengths to make such an awkward housing. Whats wrong with one with a hex head on it? Now I know why Lexus charge so much for an oil and filter change. Sheesh. 

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