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Air Con Regas


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Just had my IS200 serviced. Was told by the dealer that I need my Air Con regassed and all the pollen filters changed.

This is on the 60,000 mile service.. Waiting for a price... Anybody know how much this normally costs?

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Think the pollen filter is around £36 - just clips into unit behind glove-box - easily done if you want to avoid any labour !

Reg-gas - don't know - can't you claim on any warranty - unusual to lose gas :ph34r:

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Just double checked the air con. Maximum fan setting and lowest temperature not quite cold,still a bit warm... regasing required then...

How much is the average cost for regasing? and what does it involve?


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I've been a lifetime Citroen fan,especially DSs, so you get to know about Gas, as the suspension is pressured gas spheres (the perfect spring, in engineering terms, as the harder the pressure, the more it resists, but with no rebound like a metal spring). You have to have the spheres re-charged every couple of years for optimum efficiency.

I found out that it's because there's almost no such thing as a perfect seal. The gas will leak out, molecule by molecule, over years!

Citroen, being clever bastards, didn't try to 'cure' the problem (unlike FORD, who wasted millions trying to make a perfect seal!) and applied the same logic to the mineral oil they use in their suspension system. It leaks, a little, past the seals. So they allow for this by having a scavenging return pipe back to the hydraulic reservoir! (rather than try to do the impossible and make a 'perfect' seal!)

Anyway, THAT'S why you need to recharge your Air-con every so often.

I've got a contact who'll do it for cash,'s worth it though?

Don't forget to run your Air con occasionally over the winter. The fluid keeps the seals supple, which will save you dosh, otherwise having new seals put in cos they've corroded isn't high on the list of things you want!

I bought my Series 3 LS400 with the idea of keeping it for at least 10 years (crashes with loons not accounted for!), so these little tips will help to keep it going. Big cars are complicated. At least we have a pernickety company who went to great lengths to make their car as perfect as possible, so we can expect longevity.

Chris Skelton

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