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Dension Mp3 Player


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Due to a little project i got on the go, i'm selling my Dension Mp3 Player..(click at the bottom on 'features')

Package content:

-DMP3-A2 charcoal with CarHost-S (mouted in boot)

-AC adaptor for home use of DMP3-A

-PC mobile rack

-Carry case, Program CD

-Mounting kit

-Satalite Display/control unit. (purchased as an optional extra)

-USB 2.0 adaptor (purchased as an optional extra)

-FM Modulator (purchased so i could use the kit with the stock stereo AND sat nav, if no sat nav then unit will simply plug into the RCA inputs of your aftermarket stereo)

-80gig Hard drive (again i upgraded fromthe 40gig, enough space for over 1000 albums)

asking price

400 quid

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comes complete Ian,, Fm modulator fits into the aireal socket, the radio aireal plugs into the modulator aswell, tune the stereo to one of 3 frequeancy (selectable via the fm mod)

fitting, stick the main hardisk in the boot (if you want) run power to it (i got all cables) then run the rj45 style lead to the front or whereever you want to place the remote display/contoller... hey presto done.

i'll even chuck in approx 30/40gig of mp3's

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