Move from IS200 to IS300?

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43 minutes ago, lexus22 said:

Let's face it, these cars are now old, is it really worth spending excess money on them? Nice as they are, not a good investment.

Depends how you intend to use it 😂 dont look at my project thread you will make me feel very guilty. Although ive not done it as an investment... well thats my excuse🤣

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1 hour ago, IS300KK said:

Definitely not a good financial investment, but very enjoyable as an alternative to BMW / Merc / Audi.

I feel that, relatively speaking it is an excellent investment. Which vehicle is more reliable, can be warranted for 10 years old /140,000 miles and exudes quality in terms of economy and reliability from bumper to bumper and has a Dealer Network par excellence ?

It, and other Lexus models will be in high demand going forward as no other manufacturer has demonstrated such qualities. Those in the know will snap them up whilst those who think they know will struggle along with the so called, competition.

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I mean... I'm a car enthusiast, I'm not buying the car as an investment. I'm buying it because I like it and I enjoy the modification process 🙂

Besides, what other RWD, 2JZ Japanese cars can you get for 3-4k? None.

I won't be increasing the power anytime soon. A manual swap, some BC coilovers and and a HKS Silent exhaust is all I want. I don't want to mess with the power because I'll be keeping this car until... well until it dies 🙂 I don't want an increase in power to reduce it's reliability.

Finally, both the IS200s and IS300s are becoming increasingly sought after. An IS300 with a manual box was never available here in the UK or EU, they won't depreciate. Not that it matters because I'm not buying it to sell it.

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