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Rx300 - Traction In Snow

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:question: Can anyone help with their experience with an RX300 SE in snow?

I'm about to purchase a new RX but would like some advise on its capability in snow.

I live on a residential road (ie tarmac) which is very steep with a double bend.

I have to climb the hill to get onto a main road. In winter it becomes a problem for many cars to climb the hill in snow/compact snow/ ice etc. The road is not gritted so I need the RX to get me up the hill.

A Freelander and Volvo XC90 seem to climb it without too much trouble.

The RX SE has Summer tyres ie Dunlop SP Sport 270 235/55 R 18 (which is confirmed by Dunlop), where as both 4x4 above have All Season tyres.

I would appreciate any experinces you can share.


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Car will be fine but I suspect the tyres will be the issue. Too fat to do the job well. If you could have a summer set and narower higher profile for the winter that may be your best bet. What about an old set of 15' from a RX Mk1 with higher profile tyres?

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The road is not gritted so I need the RX to get me up the hill.

no, you dont need the RX what you need is proper tyres! - any sport OR summer type tyre will have problems in snow/ice conditions - have a look for all season tyres instead for your current vehicle.

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Well I have a RX and I stay out in the sticks four mile up a single track road off the A9 in Scotland and boy can we get Snow.

My RX was fine not a Good as the Freelander or Mits I had but ok never got stuck once.

I am running on a set of 20" wheels.

However watch out when you are stopping it just like any other automatic take care or you will just keep on sliding.

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