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Electric Problem?

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Hi Chaps,

I have noticed that sometimes my lights dim when I try to use other electric appliances in the car, such as the electric windows. I seem to remember seeing threads for this before, but I jus wondered if anyone can tell me if this is a:

1) No a prob, just the norm. (Seem to recall someone saying the electrics werent rated as good as they should be?)

2) A Battery fault

3) A alternator problem

I don't think it could be the Battery, as the electric runs of the alternator when the engine is running, correct? Is it best I just get them to check it over when it goes for a service in 3,500 miles?

Thanks in advance


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How old is your car Nick?

Last year I noticed mine doing this and whilst revving the lights got brighter, eventually the Battery went flat just from leaving the dome light on in the car for an hour!!

a new Battery sorted out my problem and the lights no longer dim when anything is used but my car was almost 4 years old when the Battery went.

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Hi Guys

Thanks for the replies.

It happens when driving, so the car is defo not at idle.

The car is a IS200SE on a W reg (2000 plate), as someone mentioned maybe it needs a new Battery after 4 years? But this is something I will take up with the dealer, as I only bought the car back in November and they said that the "Lexus in-house" checks are performed to make sure no parts need replacing within the year OR the next service.


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