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Is200 Mirror

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Hi all

The passenger side mirror on my IS200 has been playing up for a while now in that it has been refusing to fold/unfold. I've tried WD40 etc. to lubricate/clean it but to no sucess :(

To cut a long story short I got a secondhand complete mirror unit from a member here on LOC.

Mirror arrived last Friday and I went to fit it yesterday evening. Removed door card and my old mirror. After this things went downhill :unsure:

The coloured cover on the replacement mirror was Sapphire Blue so I thought it would be a straightforward matter of just swapping them over from one to another. Followed Mat's workshop article on removing the cover. Mine was held by three screws (like Mat said) but the replacment mirrors cover was clipped on with no screws :blink:

Next thing I noticed is the actual glass was different. The replacement mirror's glass had a much thicker rubber edge than mine and the heated mirror connector on the wires was also different.

Also on the underside of the unit there was one more extra screw than there is on mine.

And finally the connector block at the end of the wiring harness coming from the mirror was different to mine so it would not connect into the connector on my door :angry:

So all in all the mirror is useless to me :( Has anyone came across this before? Does anyone know if Lexus changed the mirrors on the IS200 at any stage or do different models have different mirrors? I would have expected them to be all identical but there is obviously a difference.

Any help/advice much appreciated as i have no mirror at all now on my car and no door card on the passengers door as I would like to get this sorted out now when I have the door stripped down.

Thanks in advance,

Gavin :)

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Thanks for your replies. The heating may be the reason why they're different.

dobedo, could you plz tell me what is written on the underside of your pass side mirror. My replacement unit has 012175 after the E4 and my original has 012119 after the E4.


Gavin :)

P.S. The replacement mirror has two extra wires coming out of the harness. It has 9 and my original has just 7

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mines a 2002 and the mirrors only come on when the rear/front screen heaters are on

This changed with the facelift in late 2001. The graphic on the rear heater button has a picture of a mirror on the newer models.

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Colin, I know on my car (early 2001) the mirrors are heated all the time. This replacement unit I have must have came from a facelift model then? The glass itself has 4 wires coming from it. Mine only has 2. And then there are the other differences I've already mentioned, main ones bening the plug and the coloured cover clipped on as opposed to being screwed on.

Looks like I need a mirror from an earlier car then :blink:

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The guy said it was from a 2001 IS200, thats all I know :blink:

It has 2 black wires, a pink wire and a grey wire which plug into the connector block on the actual glass. These then change to 2 black, 1 blue and 1 green going into the back of the glass.

There is also a small metal spring type thing on the back of the glass and the green wire seems to be down near that area too.

I suppose it could be from an IS300, I'm not 100% sure. Do you think all IS200's should have identical mirrors regardless of whether they are heated all the time or only when the rear heater is on? I would have thought yes.

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