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I took my car for service at Lexus Liverpool last week and they said that the radiator core is rusting.It might be a silly question but how can they tell??I dont lift the bonnet much but what i noticed was the fluid in the expansion tank is black,i didnt think it used to be.Its not a rusty colour.They quotd me £520 fitted i think for a new one :angry: Any help would be great.KELL

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Be careful with theuseof Radweld it can foul small waterways.

I have a Honda engined Rover V6 which I nearly killed using the stuff.

I expect the Lexus straight six is ok.

It can if the presure with in the engine isn't enogh to keep the stuff moving, I've used it a few times during my time with dealing with blown/blowing rads.

If you flush the system out, this should get rid of the residue within the rad, keep an eye on what is coming out to give you an idea of what the condition of the system is in.



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the core is replaceable

its the top tank that is not.. so go to your local Serck Marston or any radiator repairers will replace the core snip of that price!..

if all else fails join gold and we'll get you 15% off a new one!

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I had to have mine recored after it failed spectacularly on the M25. Was possibly due to leaves collecting in the area in front of the rad, (so good idea to keep it clear folks).

I think I was charged £300 for the replacement plus fitting.

I did have a warranty which covered the radiator. However it didn't cover damage due to water! Tip - don't bother buying warranties.

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