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Where To Buy Or Fit Tyres

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Read the recent posts on tyres with interest. I need to replace the front tyres on my 200 sport fairly soon. Long life would be useful but is not vital, as long as they don't wear out absurdly fast. Excessive road noise or poor wet weather performance would be serious objections however.

That apart I have two further questions.

(1) Should the fairly new Yokohamas on the back be put on the front and the new tyres on the rear? I read somewhere that the newest tyres belong at the back where possible.

(2) Should I ask Lexus Leicester to fit them (needs 40k service soon as well), or go to somewhere like Kwik fit, who have done OK for me in the past, but with less 'sensitive' cars. Saving money would be good, of course, but a good job is vital.

any advice?

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1) Don't know, perhaps some one else will jump in on this one

2) I would get a quote for the tyres from your Lexus Dealer and if its a 5/10 quid more go with them, peace of mind and all that. If they try and rip you off then look at the alternatives, personaly I have not had a problem with Kwick Fit and like them because they are a national company so they will have a complaints process should you need one. But I too would have my doubts about using them on the Lex.

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I, personally, wouldn't take my wife's fiesta to Kwik fit, but hey, that's just my opinion.

To answer your questions:-

1) Yes, I would put the new ones on the rears.

2) Have the tyres fitted at Lexus, unless you know a very good tyre fitter. The tyres (215/45/17) have a very narrow profile, and as such, are not the easiest of tyres to get on and off the rims. If you get a careless fitter, the rims can be easily damaged. Lexus are insured for this, and if they damage your rims, they will sort it. Try arguing that with the fast fit mechanic!

Is it worth the risk for a few extra quid?

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