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Bad Air


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Hi all,

just wondered if anyone could shed any light on why the air blowing out of the vents on my IS200 has started to carry an odd odour. :sick:

It's difficult to explain the slight smell but it's a kind of damp musty odour. you can smell it in the air blowing from the vents but not when the AC is switched on.

Incidentally, the car was in for a 20,000 mile service a few weeks ago and they changed the pollen filter (without asking me and charged me 50 quid for the privilege! :tsktsk: ). could this have something to do with it?


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Cheers guys. I guess it's just a coincidence that the smell arrived after the pollen filter was changed.

It seems odd that the smell disappears when you press the AC button.

I think I had better get me one of those sprays.

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