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Knocking From Front Wheel

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Morning all

Took my IS in for it's 80k service last week and asked them to investigate a knocking sound from the front offside suspension. Apparently it's due to worn brake sliders (?), and they have to order the parts. Is this a regular problem, and is it likely to affect the handling? The reason I ask is that I was driving at speed yesterday (don't ask how fast! :yahoo: ) and the handling felt a bit odd. By odd I mean it felt like the front was very light, almost as if the car was 'lifting off'. The tracking was adjusted at the service due to uneven front tyre wear (down to 1mm on inside edges) and is now all back in the green. I expected this car to feel really good at all speeds but this doesn't seem to be the case. By the way - all tyres are at 34 psi. Michelin Pilot Sport fronts, Goodyear Eagle F1s rear.

Any comments or advice greatly appreciated.

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the sound can also be caused by the brake pads moving slightly - would have tried a bit of copper grease on the ends first..... the sound is quite common though.

ok so your tyres were worn in an uneven pattern, they did the alignment, (camber etc as well????? ) because if your tyres are worn then you should really have new tyres before getting the camber etc adjusted, this could make the car feel funnyas the correct setting cant have been achieved - you will be compensating for the tyrewear.

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