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remove the light unit itself.

when you have the unit on the bench carefully nibble at the orange lens through the hole for the bulb. you will have to break the lens up into small parts so as it will go through the hole.

it should take no longer than 10 minutes per side ;)

'TAKE YOUR TIME' so as you don't damage the hole though!!!!!!!!!!!

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also just a note on taking out the indicator itself.. once you have undone the bolt on the top strap that holds it in place... you need to get your hand behind the unit and push outwards (remember to have your otherhand at the front)

as you do not want it to suddenly pop out and hit the deck as it requires a bit of a shove because what you cant see is locating pins that pop into a socket when you put it back together,,,


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No, before I read your post I'm sure I remember reading another one, and I also seemed to remember that the clear lens front clipped onto the rear lamps assembly/housing. I didn't realise it was also glued/sealed on on until I'd chipped a few bits of clear lens front clean away.

Just returned from Kids Stars in Their Eyes trying out your technique and I now have two clear indicator lenses and a coffee table full of orange lens pieces. Success! One side took me about half an hour and the other side five mins. Either there's a learning curve to this or the singers were better in the first half of the show - I'm too kanckered to remember now.

Does anyone know where I go to buy the amber lamps?


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