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I've only had the car a week and I have a slight annoyance. 聽This detachable swan-neck appendage is something new to me and it ruins the lines of the car. 聽It's not as if it even attempts to look attractive or' blend in', quite the opposite in fact.聽馃え

Also, because the rears sensors are too high to pick out low kerbs I've already bashed it twice so I think it will be coming off ... before I really damage something!聽馃き

Besides, I thought I'd read somewhere that Lexus don't recommend IS250's for towing, which is another good reason. 聽Not sure what any previous owner might have used it for, it comes with 7-pin electrics so maybe a bike or jetski trailer ... neither of which I own or am likely to own!聽馃槃

I feel a visit to eBay coming shortly.聽馃槈

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Yes indeed IS250 is not meant for towing - it literally says in Owners manual that it can't.

The only useful purpose I can see is to fit bicycles rack and connect duplicator signals to the socket. I kind of wanted it on mine when I had it for this reason, but after checking costs I decided no to do it - fitting towbar + electrical system was ~拢1000-1500.

If it is semi reasonable tow-bar, it should have some way to remove it without much pain. Hopefully it is not welded to sub-frame or something.

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Personally I'd remove the tow bar. Simple enough a job. Does your car have a reverse camera? I'm going to assume not. Perhaps look at getting one fitted. It'll save more bashings of your bumper.

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Hi it should come off without too much of a problem ,make sure you save all the fittings to make sale easier.I was also looking at fitting one for a bike rack but even fitting it myself it was an expensive option .It would be cheaper sourcing one second hand so if you do go down this route post info on here and I will have a punt

Cheers Dave

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Indeed Vlad, worry not, for it will be going on eBay ... without the car attached!聽馃榿

In fact once it's off I'll post it on here prior to ebaying it as someone like Dave might be interested.聽馃槈

And no, I have no reversing camera, nor do I have a Nav screen so I'm not sure how I would view ... unless it could appear on the rear view mirror?聽馃

I think I just need to get used to the length when reversing, that'll probably do me.聽馃槉

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So that's three of you interested now. Quite how I advertise or even act one-to-one confidentially on this site I have not yet discovered ... is there a PM facility for example?聽馃

Anyway, that's not immediate as sad to say the plan was to use my chum's ramps to investigate and possibly remove the mechanism this w/end but of course the lockdown has put paid to that.聽馃え

Aside from needing to find out exactly what fittings are underneath I also suspect that part of the lower bodywork may have been tampered with in order to facilitate this towing apparatus.聽If this is to be the case then I shall not be a happy bunny as removing said item will reveal a 'gap' that may well detract so much from the intended lines of the rear bodywork that I might as well leave the ruddy聽thing where it is.聽馃檮

My mechanic has a pukka ramp so all will be revealed end of next week聽when the car goes in for a thorough check-over plus filters and oil change so we'll see (literally!).聽馃

So聽keep watching this space if you're still interested guys.聽馃槈

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The car's been up on the ramp and we've established that it's a Witter detachable Swan towbar, clearly model specific, that has thankfully been professionally fitted ... so that's a relief in itself.聽馃檪

However, it's also confirmed that by removing it there will remain聽an unsightly bodywork 'gap' and as I can't justify either an odd-looking repair or a replacement bumper I've decided that, for the moment anyway, I'm going to leave the thing where it is and put up with the ugliness.聽馃檮

Sorry for the U-turn guys ... and聽having been online I can understand why you're so interested ... these things aren't cheap are they?聽馃槼

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UPDATE ... yet another U-turn (and no, I don't work for the Government 馃檮聽).

The appendage was removed yesterday and I'm happy to sell it so will shortly post it on 'Buy & Sell Parts & Accessories' unless I hear from anyone in the meantime.

And in answer to questions raised聽...

(1) No welding required, 4x bolts to existing chassis members;

(2) No, it's not necessary to drop exhaust boxes to fit/remove;

I've also spoken to Witter who confirm that this item is currently 'out of stock' and they have no idea if they are going to get any more.聽馃

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On 11/6/2020 at 8:28 PM, John Lindley said:

I believe you have to lower the exhaust boxes to unbolt hangers. And a friend of mine got another bumper from a breakers when he removed his towbar because of the cut out.

Apologies John, you're聽right ... the 3-bolt frames on each side that support聽the exhaust also provide support for the underside brackets of the towbar frame of which I was previously unaware. Still relatively easy to fit/remove though, providing you're blessed with a degree of patience.聽馃槈

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On 12/3/2020 at 8:06 PM, Sundance said:

That said, the purchaser has just聽pulled out so the complete fitment is back on the market ... see 'Buy & Sell Parts & Accessories' Forum.

Any luck selling it? Or does anyone else have this tow bar聽

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