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Jammed Cd's How Do I Get Them Out

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Well you could try giving it a bit thump on the left hand side as you are trying to eject, it worked for some of my discs, but in the end i had to have a new unit. Dont try fishing it out with a knife :o

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1. Try resetting the unit by removing the fuse - can't remember the details but search on these forums.

2. Try loading and unloading another slot (use an old CD!).

3. Try ejecting and selecting slots while (firmly) thumping the side of the console near the unit.

As wallace said, dont try and get them out with a knife etc.

May be worth showing it to the dealer while its jammed to get a new one on order (assuming < 5 yesrs old) then sorting it out.

Mine's done it twice now but I've managed to 'fix' it both times.

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had a similer pron,, reset power, no good, loaded another cd.,,got swollowed, in the end i had liek 8 cds in the 6 cd changer..

only methos left was to remove the radio and take the top off and recover the cd

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