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Is200 Engine hesitation when hot

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so to be short this is the issue that i have since i bought the car,

Car start and runs fine, no idle problem whatsoever it doesn't matter if the car is hot or cold it will start right away, but this is the issue, when the car is cold if i floor it will accelerate like a champ no matter the gear or the rpm, but once the car reach its normal operating temperature it would get significantly slower, for example i put 3rd gear and floor it and you can hear and feel the engine playing with the timing and hesitates like if you were pressing and depressing the acc pedal like playing with it, you can hear the sound of the engine changes but the revs hangs like if you were doing nothing, if you push the pedal progressively as you gain revs it will run until about 4.9rpm or maybe a bit more but hangs there with no power like if there was a cut like when you hit the rev limit, but this only happens when hot, if you do the same on cold it's like a rocket no matter the speed of gear, but once its warm you lose like 50% or even more of the power.


NO CODES. Temp gauge works perfectly and you can hear the fan kicking when needed so for the fan switch seems to work fine, and if i have the ac on let say i want to overtake in the highway i'm in 6th gear i have to turn off the ac compressor, down shift to 4th or even 3rd gear if im in a low speed and have to floor the car but the revs hangs and the engine jerks a bit and the revs wont past from 5kRpm, is this a bad temp sensor? if so i'm guessing it will be the one on the engine block? since the gauge on the dash works flawless and the fan also works. any other ideas? the car has 372k and did a full cleaning of the engine including adding a injector cleaning and so but this issue only appears when hot.


Any ideas will be really appreciated.

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