EcuMaster DET3 DIGITAL ECU TUNER wiring up.

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Hi Guys,

I am new to this ECU piggy back system.

I would like some help please does anyone know the correct wiring up of the ECU to a IS200 2002 Lexus?




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Hi Rustyau,

I haven't worked with DET3s before but |I'm well versed in this field so may be able help you. I've pulled the data sheet from the ecumaster website which has the wiring diagrams. Closest thing listed is a Toyota Supra so you'll need an ECU pinout for the IS200. I believe I have the workshop manual for the GXE10 with the wiring schematics, I'll have a look later and get back to you.

The DET3 is a piggyback ECU so it manipulates sensor inputs to fool the ECU into giving a different desired output. Your DET3 has 12V switched power plus GND. Your DET3 inputs are crank position signal and MAP signal. Then your output from your DET3 is a modified crank position signal and a MAP signal. Essentially, you'd find the signal wires from the crank position and MAP sensors, cut them and join the sensor side into the corresponding pins on the DET3 then join the Lexus ECU side into the corresponding pins on the DET3.

You can trace the wires back from the pins to the ECU if you don't have a pinout diagram to determine what does what in the IS200 ECU. You can use a multimeter to test continuity and identify different circuits. I wouldn't use a test light as sensor signals are 5V not 12V.





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